Call with Noah
Let's work together to build your REI Tech Stack... 
As part of the 2 Day Blueprint family, you can reach out to me any time for technical help or support with any REI tech challenges. Schedule a time with me, let's get to know each other and go talk about your business goals.
Other stuff we can talk about...


  • Systems: We'll figure out the best CRMs and tools for your needs
  • Integrations: How can you connect different platforms for higher productivity
  • Top to bottom planning: Sparing no detail, we'll create a master plan for the systems that run your business
  • Training for VAs and employees: I'll help your team when they need it, so your time is available for more productive activities

Products and Services

  • PropertyScout: An affordable driving for dollars platform
  • REIZoom: A REI multi tool that saves a ton of time and money
  • SOP videos: Specialized and detailed training videos for your current and future employees, reducing onboarding time
  • Podio flows and integrations: Specialized Globiflow scripts that automates a lot of Podio work, saving your team hours of data entry
  • Carrot Facelifts: Getting traffic but having trouble converting? Making your Carrot site prettier is an instant way to convert more visitors
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